Why people hate embracing the facts

A fact is defined by Google as a thing that is indisputably the case; a piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.

In other words it is something that is true. When something is true, it is that way all the time- no matter what. For example, one plus one equals two. This equation will equal two today, tomorrow and forever more. It is understood and accepted because it is true.

If things that are true all the time or cannot be disputed are accepted, such as a simple equation, then why do people seem to hate facts? Though facts are true all the time today, tomorrow and forever more, they are not always accepted by people. Is the phrase “people can’t handle the truth” now a fact?

People love to hear what they want to hear. Things such as compliments and praises are welcomed and accepted by all. On the other hand, criticism and facts are shunned by the public. They are viewed as being mean or negative, when they actually could better us in the long run.  Honesty and information are the most caring gift you can provide a person. By not being told the truth or accepting facts, it impedes our forward movement as a society. Without pain there is no gain.

People need to be more open to the facts of a situation, as it could save trouble in the future. This is evident in several aspects of life, such as relationships. There are plenty of times where evidence and facts are brought up about a significant other that are unpleasant to the ear. Oftentimes in these cases we choose to brush it aside and ignore it. As time passes, these facts do not disappear, and tend to turn into a snowball effect. Ultimately, it ends up being the demise of the relationship as a whole. It is unfortunate, because if the facts that were presented early on were acknowledged and dealt with, most of the heartache could have been avoided. But people hate facts.

I challenge society to not hate the facts but embrace forward movement. Embrace communication. Most of all, embrace the facts.

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