SGA Senate convenes for the last time of the semester

The Student Government Association held its last Senate meeting of the semester on Thursday and this was the first senate meeting fully run by members of the 65 General Assembly.

This meeting was fairly short in order to allow senators and other members present to give focus and priority to impending finals. Members were also allowed to have a more casual dress than what is typically requested.

Executive reports included all reassuring thoughts on finals week and wishing the best of luck to each student. Vice President, Ryan Leatherbarrow, also reminded members of the need for unity, communication and trust among senators and the executive council to have an effective organization.

There was no old business to cover and no committees met, so there were no reports in that segment of the meeting either.

New business included the swearing in of John Domanski as Speaker of the Senate, Nathan Daniels as Senator for the College of Business & Global Affairs, Amberly Baker as Associate Justice, Logan Golden as Associate Justice and Elizabeth Sanders as Associate Justice. Jordyn Walker also announced her resignation as an associate justice. Walker cited her three years with SGA as a great opportunity and said she feels as though her skills will no longer be utilized.

Tonight’s senate adjourned at 9:21 p.m. after reminding members of open positions that include potentially three executive assistances, a multicultural affairs committee chairperson which must be filled by a current senator, three senators in the college of Health Education and Behavioral Science and one associate justice. This is all in addition to all 28 freshmen council positions being available for interview and application in the fall. The 65th General Assembly welcomes involvement and looks forward to the year ahead.

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