SAE breaks ground on new house

The UTM chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon broke ground on their new fraternity house on Aug. 29, 2017. After residing in the current SAE house since the early 70’s, the fraternity feels it is time to move on and expand.

The new house will be on Hannings Lane next to the Pi Kappa Alpha and Kappa Alpha Order houses. While the construction timeline is unknown at the moment, the fraternity is moving ahead with the ground work.

The house is estimated to cost over $500,000 but the fraternity has already fundraised most of the cost. SAE is always actively fundraising through many events throughout the year including two telethons to alumni and a Founder’s Day auction.

The house will be steel framed and have a brick exterior with two phases to it: the residential area and community parlor. Between six and 12 brothers will be able to live in the house at a time. The current SAE house has already been sold to an alumnus but current SAE members will continue residing there until construction is finished.

“It’s been years and years since this has started and it’s fun seeing it finally come together,” said SAE member Christian Carr, a junior sociology major from Memphis, who is looking forward to the new house being built for future SAE generations. “It’s great to see all of the Greek houses coming together in the same place and it’s great for the community.”

The UTM chapter was chartered in 1972 and currently has 40 members. They are looking to increase that number this fall to help improve their community work and philanthropy.

“Improving the size of the chapter improves the amount of money we can raise for our philanthropy…” said President Winston Beesinger, senior Ag/Engineering major from Collierville.

While construction could take over a year, SAE is confident the house will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

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