Rundown of Apple’s iOS 11 software update

Apple’s newest iOS update claims to bring a plethora of features to iPhones and iPads alike. The most anticipated aspects of this new update include improvements to the App Store and iTunes Store, Siri, camera and photos and augmented reality technologies.

Upon downloading the update, users will first see that the lock screen where the passcode is entered is aesthetically different. A new “Files” app is automatically on the home screen. This allows users to access documents that are saved in the iCloud or other Apple devices, including MacBooks.

On iMessaging, there is now a bottom bar that includes shortcuts to other apps, such as Music, GamePigeon, iFunny and so on. Now, sending people songs, games or pictures from apps is much easier. Also, changing apps by double-clicking the home button now blurs the background.

The App Store, apart from the new app picture, also received some aesthetic changes. The bar below divides the App Store into 5 categories: Today, Games, Apps, Updates, and Search. Search and Updates function as normal, while today highlights newer apps and has an “App of the Day” tab. Games and Apps showcase a multitude of applications, now with a focus on augmented reality apps. iTunes has a new button picture on the home screen, but nothing else of considerable mention.

Upon accessing the phone after the update, it will prompt the user to set up Apple Pay, which allows you to send money easily and quickly over the messaging app. The Photos app has also seen improvements, such as better video and picture quality and the ability to loop videos. It also has new filters that are reminiscent of old photography styles, per Apple’s website. Siri has also been updated with a new voice and ability to translate words into other languages with ease.

The control center can now be updated to more easily access features that cater to you, in addition to an aesthetic change. Finally, the Maps app now also includes indoor maps for certain buildings.

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