Review: ‘Ouija’

Review: ‘Ouija’

With Halloween being just a few days away, it’s definitely Horror movie season at the box office. Ouija is the latest Horror movie released this season, but does it set itself apart from the rest?

Ouija is the story of a group of friends in high school. After one of their best friends dies under mysterious circumstances, the group decides to meddle with the paranormal by using a Ouija board.

The story primarily follows Laine Morris (Olivia Cooke), a girl who just wants answers to why her best friend commits suicide. She finds a Ouija board in her best friend’s house and decides to try to contact her best friend from beyond the grave, but she and her friends disturb something much more sinister in the process.

They start noticing very eerie things happening around them, and before long people begin to die for no immediately obvious reason. Laine and her friends must find a way to stop this dark entity before it kills them one by one.

There is no shortage of tense moments, as the plot begins full force in the very first scene of the movie. The film mainly focuses on jump-scares and doesn’t spend much time developing the plot, as is par for the course in most modern scary movies. Even though there are a lot of startling moments, there are only a few of these moments that will actually legitimately scare the audience. There are some moments in the movie that may seem a bit anticlimactic, leaving the audience asking if it’s the end of the film when in fact there’s still more yet to come.

All in all, Ouija is an average Horror film. It’s not going to redefine the horror genre, but it’s a decent movie that has a few good, startling moments that will frighten audiences. If you enjoy scary movies, Ouija is definitely worth a watch.

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