Residence life hosts ‘The Game of LIFE’

20171026_190657The UTM Office of Housing and Residence Life recently held a “real-life” version of The Game of Life on Thursday night in the UC Ballroom. The event, which was meant to be similar to the Poverty Simulation that is held every semester for Social Work 220, had a total attendance of 61 people.

The event started off with Darnesha Guy, hall director for University Village Phase II, discussing the importance of this simulation and the rules.

“It shows you how you can never really be prepared for what life throws your way. It represents how the average middle class lives and what challenges they may face,” Guy said.

During this simulation, residents were asked to role-play a month in poverty and experience low-income families’ lives. The event was divided into four ten-minute intervals, with each interval representing one week. The residents were divided into ‘families’ and given a packet containing information on how to conduct their lives throughout the game. Each packet contained information such as income level, age, health and more.

Resident assistants were stationed at 14 different booths to represent banks, welfare offices, health clinics, and other businesses that people would interact with in the game.

Raffle prizes were given away throughout the night including ROKU sticks, Fitbits, video action cameras, water-resistant speakers and UTM hats and shirts. At the end of the simulation, residents were given the opportunity to visit with Dr. Ross Dickens, dean of the College of Business and Global Affairs, to learn more about budgeting and financial planning.

Residents could also visit with Ginger Horton, who works in the UTM financial aid office, and Virgie Belton, who works for Lauderdale County Bank.

Each campus-wide event for residence life is meant to help implement the new residential curriculum model. This particular event was created to help develop important life skills of those who attended.

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