Out with old, and in with new: UTM’s bookstore undergoes complete transformation

Out with old, and in with new: UTM’s bookstore undergoes complete transformation

The Barnes and Nobles Bookstore received a complete overhaul, makeover and expansion this summer.

Returning students will find the Bookstore has moved from the upper-level of the University Center to the lower level of the University Center, located where the game room once was.  The bookstore moved to make things more convenient for students and visitors alike. The store’s move to the lower level will put all student venues downstairs. Now students and visitors will be able to get something to eat and then stop by the bookstore, all without having to go upstairs.

“The new location of the bookstore was more than just an expansion and upgrade. It was a strategic move to show prospective students coming through on tours the ability to see an important piece of our University Center. It was also moved to make it more accessible to the general student body,” said John Domanski, president of SGA.

As part of the bookstore moving locations, it gained more space, and now offers more products to the students and other customers that use the store.   The bookstore has many new additions as well that will be useful to students, such as the study pod, the added bookshelf space, a nook e-reader station and more room for students to look for their skyhawk fan apparel.

The newly added study pod will serve as a study and meeting room for all students. However, the study pod can only be used during the bookstore’s regular business hours.

“The study pod features great study tools for students, such as dry-erase boards, a charging station, and conference tables and chairs. Students will have a new place to enjoy study time in the University Center,” Matthew Spraggins, Finance Major.

The cosmetic changes, such as the skylight, also give a more welcoming feel to students when walking through the bookstore. Some students have reacted positively to the move, and renovations.

“The new renovations to the bookstore are awesome. When I first got to see it, I felt like I was at a different university,” said Alex Patterson, computer science major.

The bookstore is open 7:30 am-4:30 p.m Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m.-noon Saturdays. For more information call 731-881-7760, or go to http://utm.bncollege.com. Go to Out with the old and in with the new: Barnes and Nobles Bookstore photo gallery to view more photos of the newly renovated bookstore.

 Feature Photo Credit: (John Sellers)

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