New details and suspects revealed in Holly Bobo trial

The trial is ongoing in the murder case of 20 year-old nursing student Holly Bobo.

Bobo disappeared in April 2011 and with her remains were found in Decatur County in 2014. This case has been one of the most exhaustive and expensive investigations in the history of the state of Tennessee, as mentioned by defense attorney Jennifer Thompson.

Currently taking place in Savannah, the new trial includes testimony from Bobo’s mother and brother. According to The Tennessean, the trail began on a dramatic note when Karen Bobo, the mother, collapsed during her testimony. Bobo was quoted as saying, “I feel like I can’t breathe.” The defense attempted to call for a mistrial following her collapse, but the motion was denied.

Zach Rye Adams, who is now 33, is the first of three men on trial. The other two men, John Dylan Adams and Jason Autry, were granted immunity from testifying.

Adams is charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of Bobo. He faces the death penalty if found guilty of murder.

According to prosecutor Paul Hagerman, per The Tennessean, Zach Adams allegedly told his friend (Autry) that he, John Adams and Shayne Austin kidnapped, raped and murdered Bobo. Austin has since died. Defense attorney Thompson has mentioned the exhaustive and expensive nature of the case, as well as the other suspects brought up, who were not convicted.

Other information from CBS News mentions that blood collected from the carport of Bobo matches the slain woman. Her brother claims to have seen blood in the carport, which could indicate a sign of struggle.

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