Kappa Alpha House dedication

Kappa Alpha House dedication

UTM’s Kappa Alpha Order fraternity now calls 224 Hannings Lane their home.

For the past thirty-five years, the local Delta Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order resided at 522 Lee Street until the local Alpha Tau Omega fraternity representatives approached the local KA housing corporation about the possibility of it purchasing their former house located at 224 Hannings Lane.

“Several KA alumni toured the property in February, and the prevailing opinion was that they should pursue the opportunity. Over the next several weeks, hundreds of KA alumni, as well as members of the local active chapter, got behind this effort and easily donated sufficient funds to purchase the property as well as making a variety of improvements and renovations,” stated Jay Crews, KA alumnus and Fundraising chairman

“As a result of this monumental achievement, the local KA housing corporation and alumni felt as though it would be worthwhile to have a formal dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony at the new house,” continues Crews.

On Saturday, October 25, many members of the local KA housing corporation and alumni crowded on the front lawn of 224 Hannings Lane to witness the formal house dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Some present Kappa Alpha Chapter Officers, many Kappa Alpha alumni, the Kappa Alpha housing corporation, and even Delta Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha’s Director of Development, Stuart Whetsell, and 39th Knight Commander, William Dreyer were present for the ceremony.

“It’s one of the most beautiful Kappa Alpha houses in Forester providence (East Arkansas and West Tennessee),” noted Stuart Whetsell, Director of Development, while Knight Commander William Dreyer nodded his head in agreement.

However, JoDann Spears, Housing Corporation President, stated that he, “hate[s] that the local Alpha Tau Omega fraternity was suspended from the house”, but he loves 224 Hannings Lane describing it to be a lovely house.

The local Delta Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha not only celebrated their new home on Saturday, but also recognized other achievements of the local Kappa Alpha Chapter such as a 3.1 cumulative GPA held by the present 58 members of UTM Kappa Alpha members.
In his speech Saturday Bryan Roehrig, Chartering Number 1, expressed, “It is your challenge to maintain [the house], the integrity of KA. Never, do not ever use the house for recruitment always use yourself- it’s worked for forty-two years, and our best sales pitch is ourselves in Kappa Alpha order. Stay true to the order, stay true to yourself, be a southern gentleman, as we are supposed to be.”

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