Intramural sports underway for fall semester at UTM

Intramural sports are kicking off this fall semester with sign-ups and informational meetings.

Melinda Jennings, a senior math major, claims intramurals have greatly increased her overall health and wellness. “It’s easy to let yourself get stressed out over homework and studying, but intramurals helps you focus on something different for just an hour. It lets me regain myself and I find i’m more ready to tackle homework after a game!” Jennings has played a variety of intramural sports including; flag football, volleyball, soccer, and softball.

Jason Wade, a sophomore Biology major, both refs intramurals and plays in them. He states, “Intramurals have given me an opportunity to stay active while also growing in relationships with the people on my team. It has been an amazing and fun experience participating in different sports I may have never previously played.”

Any UTM student, faculty and staff are welcome to join in these sporting events! Join your dormitory’s team , create your own team, or sign up to a sport as a free agent and the folks at campus rec will get a team for you. If you join your dorm team, housing will cover the cost! You can sign up online at Just choose UTM as your school and your UTM banner username and password will get you into the site itself to choose what you’d like to participate in. You can also download the free app and get reminder notification for game day!

Many students struggle to find time and energy to study, however many students who play intramurals do so with “plenty of free time”. Wade has an explanation, “As someone who has worked and played intramurals in the same season I can honestly say that you have plenty of free time to study AND socialize still. Intramurals don’t start until 5:30 at the earliest and 10:30 at the latest and based on what league you’re in you may never play that early or late.” Intramurals have given UTM students a way to have fun on a study break that doesn’t concern large quantities of food and is an overall health benefit to students both physically and mentally.

Softball and tennis seasons has already begun, but flag football, golf, inner tube water polo, and volleyball are still coming yet this fall! Two player golf scramble starts on September 26th and is $30 per team. 7v7 flag football comes next on the 28th and is $55 per team. 6v6 volleyball follows soon after on November 6th. Inner tube water polo is last and starts on November 16th. Both volleyball and inner tube is also $55 per team. The cost can go as low as $5 a person depending on how many people you get on your team. Basketball, soccer, handball, and ultimate frisbee are the spring sorts this year.

There will be captain meetings before any games start, to go over the intramural rule book. If you are interested in becoming a campus rec official for any of the listed sports check out the campus rec page on UTM’s website for the info meeting dates.

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