Halo 5 tournament

The Student Activities Council hosted a Halo 5 tournament Wednesday night in the game room on the second floor of the University Boling Center. Registration started at 6:30, and the tournament began at 7:00.

It was a double-elimination tournament, meaning if a contender lost twice, he was out of the tournament. Each match was 15 minutes long, or whoever got to 15 kills first. There were fourteen total matches throughout the tournament, which included a winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket.

There were eight contestants, with two of them having to leave early, so they had to substitute in two others in their spots.

Ultimately, Steven Alford faced off against Lael Kittle in the championship round of the tournament. It was a hard fought battle between the both of them. They matched each other pretty well, point for point. In the end, as time ran out, Steven Alford came away from the tournament victorious and went undefeated in the winner’s bracket. Lael lost one match in round one, putting him in the loser’s bracket, but won out while in that bracket, but would eventually get his second loss of the night from the championship match.

Each contender played well and used an assortment of shooting tactics and different types of weapons to combat their opponent. They would also use grenades and camouflages to outflank and outmaneuver their opponent. One player was particularly good at using a rocket launcher against his unsuspecting enemies. There were several different maps that they played on, each of which had a different comfort level for different players, which kept the playing field interesting.

The atmosphere of the tournament was fierce, with each player that in attendance wanting to win as much as the next person.

As one could imagine, there was intense staring each other down, and some playful yet competitive trash talk involved during the tournament.

However, I believe most, if not all, of the players walked away in good spirits knowing that they gave their all, and had a fun time while playing in the tournament.

The Student Activities Council is in charge of all the free activities that happen on campus. They usually host gaming tournament about 8-10 times a semester.


Below is the list of all the people that played in the tournament. (I didn’t know if this should have been included in the article)

Lael Kittle                                                                                      Colby Kissell

Glenndon Adams                                                                      Miguel Gutierrez- (Sub- Bradley Hutchens)

Steven Alford                                                                              Cole Rogers

Dustin Robins (sub- John Cooney)                                 Zack Stone

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