Girl Scout cookies now available for breakfast

General Mills released a statement on Monday, Oct. 24 saying that Girl Scout cookie themed cereals will hit the shelves in January.


As of right now, General Mills has only released two flavors for the upcoming cereal line. Thin Mint, which is the traditional chocolate and spearmint flavors, will now be produced into a cereal flavor as well as the Samoa cookies which are made of coconut, caramel and chocolate. The Samoa cookies will be labeled as Caramel Crunch and both boxes will have the Girls Scouts of America (GSA) logo on the box.


General Mills said these tasty cereal flavors are limited edition, which means when the girls stop knocking, the cereal stops selling.


In addition to the cereals, GSA has announced the release of two new cookie flavors for this upcoming year. Both are a variation on the fire-side treat, s’mores. Girl Scouts will be selling twelve total flavors ranging from the original favorites like Tagalongs, Samoas, Trefoils, Do Si Dos and Thin Mints in addition to some newer creations like Trios, Toffee-tastic, Thanks-A-Lot, Savannah Smiles and Lemonades.

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