Fiber optic internet comes to Martin

Tennessee currently has a 90 percent connection rate as far as the populous having broadband internet coverage. However Martin residents will soon be part of the roughly 19 percent of Tennesseans with access to high speed broadband.

Fiber optic based Internet services are currently under construction in the Martin community, provided by WK&T.

In the ever-progressing age of technology, the questions we all want answered are; when will all Internet be high speed, is it a basic necessity and when did we transition from Internet as a luxury to a necessary service?

Martin knows that high-speed Internet is a necessity for the future and local government agents are working hard to make sure that need is met. This small town will soon be home to fiber Internet service from WK&T.

The “line” of fiber is actually underground conduit and fiber optic cable, according to and it has been placed on the west side of the railroad tracks in downtown Martin, going towards campus. The east side of town is still left to be completed and all of the construction is expected to be done between August and September of this year.

Martin Mayor Randy Brundige said in an interview that he is also looking forward to the completion of the Crown Castle plans which will provide a boost to cell signal that carriers may opt in to receiving.

“If you’re tech savvy, you’ll enjoy the changes coming,” says Brundige to local college students. He said he understands the need for higher speeds and improved signal and even compares some of the bundle prices WK&T will be offering for broadband and voice connections in the home.

Martin may not be the biggest college campus or city but the changes coming help pave the way for exciting changes in innovation and business. is updated regularly and houses all of the information on the developing network as well as having Facebook and Twitter pages for the company.

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