Editorial: Get used to being offended

With political and social tensions at a steady increase, it seems that people are offended more easily than ever, and no one can express any opinion without being labeled the scum of the earth.

Whether it be Republican or Democrat, black or white, gay or straight, everyone is offended by everything, and we have no problem with voicing how offended we are. To make things clear, voicing your opinion is a good thing. It’s one of the very freedoms protected by the first amendment. But there is a huge difference in voicing your opinion against someone else’s words or actions and trying to silence someone because you don’t agree with them.

In today’s world, we have become so coddled that, for some reason, we think that because something offends us, it should be stopped all together, and we should shun those who believe otherwise. Isn’t that a form of oppression? Isn’t that one of the reasons this country was founded: to get away from persecution like that? Since when do we think it’s okay to silence others, other Americans, from voicing their opinions? That’s not okay.

As American citizens, we are each entitled to our own opinions and have the right to voice those opinions. Just because someone else’s opinion is different than our own doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s an opinion, not a fact. It’s healthy for us to hear a different perspective from our own.

Children tell on each other and try to get each other in trouble when they get their feelings hurt. As adults, we should’ve learned by now. We should be able to have an adult conversation about the topics we disagree on without resorting to childish behavior.

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