Cups for the Cure combating cancer

On Saturday, Feb. 3, the Martin Wesley Foundation hosted the second annual Cups for the Cure event.

Starting with over 550 handmade cups, the event sold over 400 cups in less than two hours and grossed $5,365. According the event’s founder and coordinator, UTM Professor David McBeth, this is double the amount of cups from last year’s event.

McBeth started Cups for the Cure with the same mentality as the Empty Bowls event: to help others. For the past two years, McBeth and some of his students have painstakingly handmade cups to donate for Cups for the Cure, in order to raise money for those that are struggling with cancer in West Tennessee. The event is partnered with the Anna Kate Wenz FIGHT Foundation to help victims of cancer and their families. This entire event is a very personal endeavor for McBeth.

“It became urgent for me in 2014 because my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away 21 days after her diagnosis,” says McBeth. “Feb. 4 was the day of her diagnosis, and the day of the first Cups for the Cure (last year), and will continue to be the first Saturday in February as long as I’m involved.”

Rachel Melton, a senior Graphics Design major from Sharon, wanted to support the cause and help her friends that were involved in creating the event. She intended on buying a mug with a handle but it was a cup that caught her attention. “It had no handle and the glaze was really pretty with red and green and black. The color and shape of it stood out right away,” explained Melton. The mug she bought was actually made by McBeth, who is also one of her professors. “I didn’t have anything that he had made yet so it was really a great gift and a nice item to add to my little collection of pieces.”

Cups for the Cure is in partnership with the Martin Wesley Foundation, which provides the space to host the fundraiser and to serve the drinks. The patrons are welcome to peruse the cups and mugs, have a cup of coffee or tea and donate to the event in order to receive the cups.

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