Column: Study tips to help you make the grade

Column: Study tips to help you make the grade

You stare blankly at the finals study guide wondering where to start. There are many ways to go about studying the material, but how could it be easier when there is more classes to study for? Luckily, there are several ways to go about smart studying especially during finals week.

Start with the essential study tools. These include flashcards, highlighters, the actual notes, etc. When studying definitions, equations and other straight-to-the-point questions, flashcards are great. Highlighters help identify the important information in notes and can also help organize the material. If you’re more of a tech user, the Internet is full of awesome sites for studying. Quizlet is a great substitute for flashcards, GoConqr helps visual learners, and many other sites like Evernote help in the same way.

Easily distracted while on your own? Create or join a study group! Studying alone in a dorm or library could increase the need to find distractions, especially when it comes to today’s social media. Study groups often help keep the focus of the subject at hand and offer different insights that might prove to be helpful. They are also great at keeping company.

Need an extra boost? Coffee, tea, and energy drinks are a student’s best friends. While it seems like a smart idea to drink all the caffeine and consume all the sugar, only a few drinks will suffice.

Also, studying all the time or pulling multiple all-nighters aren’t really the best method ever. Be sure to take breaks. Take time to sleep, eat and basically take care of yourself. A little time away from studying is as beneficial to your sanity as studying is to your grade.

Lastly, realize where you strengths and weaknesses are. You may be acing psychology but also flunking calculus. Of course, refreshing the information is beneficial, but focus on trying to master the weak points of your classes.

With these tips in mind, acing the exams should come to be an easy challenge.

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