Campus, local area offer entertainment options

Campus, local area offer entertainment options

If you are looking for the best places in Martin, and the surrounding areas, we have the hottest spots for you and great way to make sure your college experience reaches its highest potential.

Martin is a beautiful town with amazing places and sites to see everywhere you travel. From the fields with glowing sunsets to the industrious and historic downtown area, Martin has a plethora of places that can appeal to anyone. UTM and its surrounding towns have exciting events happening all the time and nearby Union City contains plenty of entertainment options as well. There is always something to do in this wonderful part of West Tennessee.

Among the many places to go on campus is the Fine Arts building, located beside the EPS building and across the street from the Elam Center. The Fine Arts building contains several pieces of student-crafted artwork on display, as well as the Vanguard Theatre, a theater production company operated by the Department of Visual and Theatre Arts. The Vanguard Theatre produces two to three main-stage productions each year, as well as several original student-written plays performed each spring. Information on these productions is available in the University Center.

Outside of campus, there are plenty more entertainment options available for students. The recently-opened Gamers’ Turf video game store on Lindell Street sells video games of all kinds, from new releases to classic favorites. The Ciné 6 movie theater on University Street is another popular destination, with newly released movies and excellent student deals. A bit farther away is Southlane Bowling in Union City, a perfect place to relax and have fun with friends.

If you want to have fun when you aren’t working hard or studying this year, the Martin area has plenty of opportunities to unwind and hang out with some friends.

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