Why students love UTM

When discussing the love that students have for UTM, there have been multiple ideas as to the overall reason that makes UTM the best school. Could it be the enriching faculty that makes us want to come to class; the opportunities that are on campus to get involved; the Greek life that is always buzzing; or just a genuine love for such a beautiful campus, that makes UTM the school of our dreams?

Several students weighed in on why they personally love the university.

“The reason I love UTM is because of how small the campus is; you can create a bond with classmates and teachers,” said business major Maggie Barton. “It’s so easy to ask a teacher a question, and it isn’t uncommon for your teachers here to know you by name. I feel like the staff here really cares about us and our success. I feel like that is something you cannot get at bigger campuses.”

Haley Petty, a graphic design alumna, said that she felt similarly about the level of campus comfort.

“I loved UTM because the atmosphere on campus was so welcoming that I felt comfortable anywhere I went,” Petty said. “I first started college at Murray, and something about it didn’t feel right, but when I came to Martin, I found everything I was missing.”

Some students love UTM because of the friendships and relationships they have gained while on campus.

“UTM became my home when I found my best friends through activities that were provided by the student activities council,” said Natalie Clayton, a Health and Human Performance major. “I was an RA for my first two years here, and I attended all of the SAC events. I met some of the closest friends I had through the RA program and the activities that the job encouraged me to attend. Without that extra push, I wouldn’t know half of the people I do know.”

Ashton Feldhaus, a senior basketball player, and Communications major, also recalled friendships made through UTM.

“UT Martin has been such a blessing in disguise. Along with having the opportunity to play basketball, I have met some of the most amazing people here,” said Feldhaus. “I can truly say UT Martin will always have a special place in my heart. My best friends have come from here as well as some of the best memories. I am so thankful for UT Martin. I’ll forever be a Skyhawk!”

It seems like UTM is a place where students can feel comfortable. It has been this way since 1900 when the school opened up as Hall-Moody Institute, which was a 13-year institute. When the institute almost shut down, the town and people who attended the college petitioned; that is when our college was named The University of Tennessee at Martin. The love the students and town had and still have for this college is what helps it grow.  With an inside look at the history and these insightful opinions of why UTM made each of these student’s experiences the best, it is not hard to see why students choose to call this campus home.

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