We need to ‘start something’ that helps

We need to ‘start something’ that helps

Every disaster, every tragedy, everything that happens lately, it seems, spurs someone somewhere to “start something” with someone else.

That something, usually on social media, isn’t good.

Politics as usual? On Twitter, apparently, regardless of affiliation.

Haters gonna hate? Loudly, and absolutely.

Accusations flying in the face of facts? Oh yeah.

And every stinking second of it all is ridiculous.

What happened to compassion? When dozens die and hundreds are hurt in a mass shooting, the political aspects of the tragedy are not the most important. Comforting people as they deal with massive pain and grief is what’s immediately important.

What happened to generosity? When an entire island – a U.S. territory full of Americans, in fact – can’t get the help it needs without politics interfering with the relief effort, then we’ve again lost sight of what’s important.

What happened to civil discourse? To common courtesy? To truth? To justice? To the love for others that we believed was the American way? We don’t know, but we seek truth every day anyway.

No, we don’t know, but sincerely hope that humankind will again become humanitarian.

Finally, we really hope more people will just get the hell off social media and actually do something for those in need. Donate blood, spend time volunteering, give money or supplies to groups that can use it wisely to help ease the suffering.

Want to “start something?” Fine. Let’s start something good.


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