Voting options for college students

Voting options for college students

This fall, most states will hold primary elections for various offices within their individual states and for offices on a federal level.

Specifically, on November 4, 2014, Tennessee will hold elections for Governor, seats within the United States Congress and seats within Tennessee’s General Assembly.

College students at UT Martin are considered residents and citizens of Weakley County. Therefore, it is important that students take part in these elections because the people voted into office will directly effect the Weakley County area.

There are many resources available to assist you in registering to vote, to determine what offices will be presented on the ballot and to find information on candidates.

To be eligible to vote in Weakley County you must fill out a voter’s registration form by Oct. 6th. You can get a voter’s registration form from the Election Commission, located at 135 Poplar St. in Dresden, Tennessee; or call  at 731-364-5564. Students living in residence halls or in the Village Phases should record their address as 11 Wayne Fisher Dr., Martin, Tennessee 38238. You should put your residence hall or the P.O. box on the second address line.

Early voting begins October 15 and ends October 30. At the polls a state or federal identification is required. If you are registered, your name will be in the poll book. Having a called voter card at the polls will facilitate finding your registration.

For those with an out-of-state Driver’s License, a Tennessee photo ID will be required. There is no need to obtain a Tennessee Driver’s License. Students can receive a photo ID at the Tennessee Department of Safety Office at 8598 Hwy. 22,  in Dresden, Tennessee Students will also need their birth certificate, social security card and driver’s license.

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