UTM’s inclusive and diverse campus life

February is most commonly recognized as Black History Month, a month dedicated to recognize the sacrifices African-Americans have made and are still making to gain equal human rights.

UTM is one of two universities in the U.S. that holds an annual Civil Rights conference. This year, the conference will be held the 16th through the 26th, and will include events hosted by several organizations, including the Student Activities Council, the Black Student Association and more.

A diverse campus is one of the reasons that UTM is rated as one of the top universities on almost every list. A campus thrives on the cultures of others, spanning past just race.

UTM partners with other countries through various travel study and study abroad programs. While we send students to countries such as Japan, Spain and Germany, we also have students from these various countries come to study here at UTM.

The International Studies program has received many awards for being a top-notch cultural center for exchange students. They, along with the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages, help native and foreign students come together through clubs and cultural events.

Minority goes beyond nationality, however. UTM hosts many different religions and non-religious events and organizations. One of these organizations is the Secular Student Alliance, an organization for those who may not have a religion that they believe or follow.

We also have a variety of genders and sexual orientations on the campus as well. Allies is a LGBTQ+ organization for any student that believes in the rights of those with different sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

We may not understand all of these cultures or all of these diverse groups; however, we at The Pacer believe that a diverse campus is truly beneficial for all students in all walks of life. If we lose ground and fail to realize how important different cultures and ways of life are, we are bound to divide and worsen our campus as a whole.

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