Union City High School brings ‘Sunshine’ to Capitol Theatre

The Union City High School theatre arts class presented Sunshine at the Capitol Theatre in Union City. Sunshine is adapted from a book of the same name by Madeline author Ludwig Bemelmans.

The play is about poor Mr. Sunshine and his new tenant, Miss Moore. Miss Moore teaches a music school for children from her apartment, but Mr. Sunshine doesn’t care for the noise. When Miss Moore accidently loses her next month’s rent in a hilariously tragic auction accident, she is threatened with eviction. Her music students, however, creatively earn her rent money back, saving the music school.

Miss Moore, played by Anna Oliver, was a strong female lead. Oliver’s warm voice and perfect comedic timing fit the part of a well-meaning music teacher and she drew in the support of the audience almost immediately. Her performance perfectly offset the harsh landlord character Mr. Sunshine, played by Jon Ryder. His performance of Mr. Sunshine was harsh and grating at times, making the audience dislike the character. His transition into lovable landlord towards the end of the performance was well received.

All in all, the musical was charming and well performed. The music, performed by members of the Union City High School band and community members, was smooth and swingy. The choir of students pulled off a pleasant performance. The only off-putting part of the play was how the plot line seemed rushed. Mr. Sunshine’s character wasn’t as well developed as some of the other characters, even though he is the title character.

“Sunshine” will be showing at the Capitol Theatre in Union City March 5 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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