The Pacer wishes students a happy Halloween

The Pacer wishes students a happy Halloween

Halloween is almost one week away, and if you’re an American you either love it or hate it.

For the sake of saving time, let’s assume that we are talking to those who love it, because we have nothing prepared for the folks who don’t.

Halloween is a somewhat complex holiday, as it is a paradox to American culture. Think about it: when else can one see death and allusions to violence on children’s programming outside of October?

But that’s the beauty of this gruesome holiday. The unacceptable becomes acceptable, and the less tasteful an outfit is, the more festive you are on this one night in the fall.

But keep in mind that all the frightful fun on Halloween can make us oblivious to the real dangers that come with a good time. After all, you know what they say: candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

That being said, The Pacer encourages readers to enjoy this Halloween in any strange and perverted ways they wish, provided they stay out of any actual harm’s way.

As we said before, alcohol is the adult version of candy in this time-honored tradition of indulgence and provocative outfits. With that in mind, we should be just as careful with receiving alcohol from strangers as we are with receiving candy from strangers.

And once that alcohol is in your system, do us all a favor and stay off the road. That is not how you want your name to end up in The Pacer. And yes, we would do that, don’t test us.

But maybe you’re not the type to drink. Perhaps you are one of those people who prefers good old-fashioned sober fun, and Halloween is no exception. You probably also think that this makes you exempt from any potential danger. We’re glad we got to you in time, you naïve young soul.

Halloween has a nasty habit of attracting a fair share of creeps, the kind of creep that is creepy with or without a costume. Without going into details, we will simply ask you not to go out alone. Halloween is more fun with friends anyway.

Halloween can be one of the most fun nights of the year, and we certainly hope that is the case for our readers. Just remember that among all the “dangers” of ghosts and axe murderers on the streets, there are some real dangers just waiting for you to drop your guard.

Have fun, stay safe and happy Halloween from The Pacer.

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