The line between constructive criticism and judgment with weight

People come in every shape and size possible and everyone is made differently.

Some people are overweight, and others are what magazines call perfect. But who is to tell what is beautiful and what is ugly? Who is to understand that big can not be beautiful, and that curvy means too much of a woman? More so, why is it a big problem if someone is a bigger size than you? He or she is still a person who deserves the same respect that you deserve.

Everyone judges everyone. Even if you are the nicest person in the world, you are guilty of passing judgment. Judgment is not a big deal if you can keep it to yourself. When your mouth starts spewing sentences like, “Eat a cheeseburger,” (for the underweight people) or, “You are too fat to wear shorts like that,” (for the overweight people), that is tearing the other person down.

That is called being a bully. That is not cool. Do not think that just because someone wears a bigger pant size than you that they are not a human. They are. They deserve all the human rights which include being able to feel good in their own skin. You do not have to tell everyone what you are thinking about all the time. If you think a judgmental thought about someone, it would be best to keep it to yourself. You should not judge someone if you do not know what the person’s life is like.

The only way you could constructively criticize an overweight person is if you knew his or her entire story. On one hand, some overweight people have a medical condition causing them to be that weight or their weight could be a result of medication they have been prescribed.

On the other hand, there are some overweight people who are overweight solely based on the food they have eaten and the exercise routine they have chosen. However, you should only give your opinion to him or her if she or he asks for it. If not asked, do not tell. You have no right to ruin someone’s day just because you do not think he or she should wear a certain article of clothing.

People deserve to be loved. Whether they have a fat, skinny, curvy, or straight body type, everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin. Do not be the person who ruins the day of another who has found happiness in themselves.

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