The celebration of black history should not be limited to a month

February is known for a variety of things: Valentine’s Day, tax returns, the Super Bowl and the frigid cold.

One of the main things February has going for it is that it is dedicated to celebrating black history, being dubbed “Black History Month.” But why is there only one month dedicated to celebrating black history? Also, why is Black History Month the shortest month of the year?

At The Pacer, we believe that the celebration of black history should not be officially limited to a month. History should be remembered and celebrated regardless of the race of the people all year-round. Only giving a single month, not to mention the shortest one, is unfair towards an entire race of people. Black History Month has good intentions at its core, though some people may find it divisive.

For these individuals, it can reinforce prejudice and division between people. We all should be celebrating and remembering history without the filter of race, gender or any other kind of arbitrary trait. We are all human beings and share the same foundational human history. Not viewing history like this leads to more division among society.

With all of this being said, Black History Month should not just be limited to a month. Black history should be celebrated all year, just like any kind of human history. The idea of the month is of course noble, especially since African-Americans have dealt with so much in United States history. The Pacer staff respects black history and Black History Month, but black history shouldn’t be shortened down to a twenty-eight day cycle. It’s not fair for African-Americans and can have negative implications.

Black history is human history and human history should always be celebrated.

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