Thanksgiving: A time for customers to come together

This holiday season, many retail workers may find themselves eating on the go or not actually having a day off.

In the past, Black Friday sales did not start until the morning after Thanksgiving. In recent years though, these sales have gone far earlier than those mornings. Door-buster savings are now occurring on the Thanksgiving holiday. This pre-Black Friday shopping is taking the entire holiday away from retail workers and taking a large amount of focus away from giving thanks and putting it on savings and good deals.

In sympathy to employees who would like the holiday off, several stores have made their closing more public. The Inquisitr has released an online article showing which stores are open and which are closed, it even specifies hours for the large department stores. Some of the stores listed on that website are Nordstrom, Staples, Gamestop, Lowe’s, Barnes and Noble, Harbor Freight Tools, Petco, Petsmart, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods. Costco, BJs, DSW, Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Babies R Us.

REI is taking it so far as to say they will not be open on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. However, these stores standing out is not stopping major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy from remaining open.

Many employers claim to be open on Thanksgiving as a matter of convenience as opposed to being open to make more money. But how many consumers are actually giving up their holiday plans to go shop instead of sitting at home eating. The question is not only for retail employers, but also for restaurant service members who may be asked to work on holidays as well. Coming from the food service industry, this writer can say it’s no fun to have to work on a holiday. Last year I drove three hours, from my extended family’s home, to go to work right after I ate breakfast on Thanksgiving. I celebrated with my family two days later when I could finally request a day off from work. My family Christmas festivities ended at 11 a.m. because I was forced to work that holiday as well. Restaurants may differ from stores, but there are plenty of retail workers who feel the same way and have been in the same kinds of situations.

Gathering deals may seem like an important and thrifty way to spend the holiday, but the deals can wait until the day of Black Friday. It’s important to remember to set aside at least one day to be with friends, family, or loved ones. If you do choose to go out this holiday season, remember that the employees where you are shopping have families too. Try not to make their lives any harder.

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