Subtle sexism: Women taking extra measures to explain

Subtle sexism: Women taking extra measures to explain

Due to the fact that America is a fast paced and ever-changing country, people tend to believe that many issues that once surrounded this nation have vanished.

Although the United States has fought effortlessly to establish the logic that everyone is created equal, most Americans do not agree with this perspective. Sexism is still a large issue in the United States and it needs to be tackled.

Many women are still objectified and treated differently from men and are still told that they are unable to do the same things that men can do. Whether it be subtle hints, or out-right discrimination, woman struggle every day to break the stigma that they are not as strong as men.

A friend of mine, a nineteen year old certified welder, has said that she has faced sexism numerous times in her profession. Because not many women go to school for welding, she has faced many obstacles while working toward her certification.

Because she moved faster than most up men in the program, they would harass her. They would turn off her welder while she was using it and do whatever they could to mess up her work. Some of the men even grouped up and went to her teacher to complain. The teacher then put her back a level during the middle of her trimester so that she would be back behind the men.

In spite of all the obstacles she faced, she still powered through and received her certification. Unfortunately, the sexism she had to deal with did not stop at the school. She noted that a lot of people gave me strange looks when she started working as a welder and was judged and picked on because she had to dress like a man.

Although she struggled with sexism in the beginning, she proved herself. She now works in a high-functioning factory and entered this career as a level nine welder. She makes the same pay as any man in her field. Though she may be a woman, she can do just as good, if not better, work as any man.

Hopefully one day in the near future, man can look at women with a different viewpoint. Someday America will realize that women, just like men, can do anything they put their mind to.

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