Student advisory council to serve health needs of students

Recent health uproar has triggered the coalition of UTM and students in forming the Healthy Hawk Association coalition.

The Healthy Hawk Student Advisory Council is sponsored by The Healthy Campus Coalition and Student Health and Counseling Services. The council acts as a liaison between Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS), The Healthy Hawks Coalition and the student body.

The HHSAC includes two core purposes. The first purpose is to enhance health literacy through the direct delivery of health education and promotion of the various student health services available through the SHCS. The second purpose is to retrieve student feedback on campus and then utilize this information in order to enhance the quality and delivery of healthcare at the SHCS.

HHSAC’s goal is to develop a culture of health at the UTM by implementing sustained strategies that promotes healthy behaviors to improve the health of faculty, staff and students.

Freshmen students completed a wellness assessment.

“We hope that by targeting areas of concern identified in the assessment, we can provide programming and education to help students make informed changes,” said John’Na Cosby, a Student health and Counseling Services coordinator. “By the time are freshmen students become seniors, we will provide them with a similar assessment and measure the changes. Our desire is to see that students are making small changes that help improve their overall health.”

HHSAC shall consist of at least .2 percent of the student body (ex. 15 members for a student population of 7,900) a percentage necessary to accomplish its goals and purpose. Membership selection will be done twice a year at the end of each academic semester.

The time of the council meetings will be decided based on the availability of most of the applicants. Part of the application asks them to include availability. The location of meeting will take place in room 215 in the U.C.

This is a new initiative. Applications are being accepted now through Oct. 13, 2017 at 5 p.m. Students who are interested can apply using the link below. .

The council is open to all students to apply. Applicants will be chosen based on their application and resume. Priority will be given to underclassmen, as they can offer services and skills for multiple semesters.

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