‘Spy’ feels like a Bond movie, only funnier

Melissa McCarthy is back on the big screen in her latest comedy, Spy.

In its opening weekend, Spy took in $30 million at the box office, taking first place over Insidious: Chapter 3 and San Andreas. The star-studded film is another spoof of the Bond-style action thriller, but unlike other Bond spoofs, this one actually holds its own and is actually funny.

Melissa McCarthy stars as Susan Cooper, a CIA agent who works as tech support for field agents. While on a mission, her partner, Bradley Fine (Jude Law), is killed, and Cooper will stop at nothing to avenge his death. Cooper must go undercover in order to track down her partner’s killer, stop the sale of a nuclear warhead and save the world.. You know, the basic Bond movie plot.

The cast also includes renowned action star Jason Statham, who plays Rick Ford, an over-the-top field agent who goes rogue in order to find the nuke and get all the glory himself. Statham’s character is always over-the-top and does anything to try to one-up everyone else. It’s great to see an actor who plays in so many action roles play another action role, but in a way that makes fun of the stereotypical action hero.

It being a spy movie spoof, there is plenty of action. Again, it feels like a Bond movie, only with a lot more comedy. Any fan of the Bond movies will actually enjoy the action scenes and get a laugh out of the jokes in the film. The audience will be kept in stitches, as there are plenty of purely comical moments throughout the entire movie. Along with the expected one-liners, there is a lot of physical comedy as well.

Overall, Spy is surprisingly entertaining. With a unique blend of action and comedy, as well as a fantastic cast, Spy is definitely worth the watch.

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