Spring blossoms with excitement every year

Spring blossoms with excitement every year

What is spring without its beauty and why is it treated so poorly despite being one of the most beautiful times of the year?

Often, people overlook spring as just another season to be alive. These people should be looking at the pure essence of life it brings forth to our world.

Spring flings begin to bud with romance. The seeds are planted into the soil. With flowers blooming all around, pollen is in the air. Trees begin to reincarnate in all their beauty, and the beautiful iris flower blooms once more throughout this glorious time of year.

Though spring has just begun, the weather is on the run. From cold and windy to sunny and rainy, it is hard to organize the day. In the blink of an eye, your plans can die. From plans of outside play to sunny days hitting the hay, this bipolar weather cannot be controlled. Yet there is no need to fear; the days in the sun have just begun.

With the birth of a new year, earth has finally spread its wings. Trees are glowing with leaves and flowers and buzzing with bees. Crops are eager to be planted for growth with help from the abundant spring rain, and no one can deny the heavenly air that spring proclaims.

Spring fashion is birthed once more with light colors and floral galore. With warm air and clear skies on the mind, there is no denying the spring fashion line. Layers are needed no more for the season.

With summer around the corner, the spring season brings hurry to the gym. Though all are made perfect, the thoughts of a flawless body take over the mind. Bikini ready madness is spring’s yearly breakout. Without spring, how would you have time to work out?

Spring is usually passed upon as just another time. How did its popularity find its decline? Sure, it has its flaws as all seasons do, but open your mind and see the beauty it construes. What’s so great about summer, winter, and fall? If you ask me, spring seems to have it all.


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