Skyhawks ‘Meet the World’

Skyhawks ‘Meet the World’

On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, the UTM International Club’s program, “Skyhawks Meet the World,” took place in the University Center ballroom.

The event started out with small groups of people huddled by people from their own country but ended with everyone taking selfies and exchanging Facebook information.

To get acclimated with each other, everyone got into groups based on their birthday month and had to tell each person in the group their name, birthday and something they do for fun. After this, attendees switched groups and did it three more times. Then they got into groups of two, back to back, and linked arms. They followed the three commands; sit, jump and switch. When ‘sit’ or ‘jump’ was called, both partners had to do just that, but when ‘switch’ was said, they had to find a different partner.

Next, participants got into groups of two and played ‘rock, paper, scissors.’ The winners had to all play each other while the losers cheered on the winners by shouting their names.

After ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ students danced to music that was playing. When the word ‘sit’ was said, they all had to sit. The last person to sit was ‘it’ for the next game, which was a Filipino game in which players hold hands in a big circle, and everyone in the circle has to come together to make a big knot, which the person who is tagged as ‘it’ has to untangle. That was played several times before they played “find the quarter.”

To play “find the quarter,” participants sat down in a circle, and one person was chosen to face the wall while a quarter was being passed around. When the quarter stopped and everyone’s hands were in a fist, the chosen one would have to walk around the circle and try to figure out who had the quarter and say their name. The person had three times to guess and was “executed” from the circle to perform a “punishment” if they did not guess correctly. The first “punishment” was for the girl to headbang while playing an air guitar; the second girl had to dance to Pen Pineapple Apple Pen by Pikotaro; the third girl who lost had to sing a song in her native language.

Shortly after, time was almost out. The last couple of activities was to get Facebook information from at least five people and take a couple of selfies with a few different people.


The UTM University Center houses flags from nations all over the globe (Photo Credit/ Summer Patterson White).

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