Six Degrees of Separation comes to the VTA stage

The play for this season of  Vanguard Theatre will bring John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation to life. Auditions for Six Degrees of Separation are Wednesday, Sept. 6 and Thursday, Sept.  7 from 7-10 in the Little Theatre. The audition will be a cold reading, meaning no preparation is required. There are 13 male roles and 4 female roles open.  Auditions are also open to any major.

Six Degrees of Separation is the 1993 winner of the Olivier Award for Best Play and 1991 winner of the New York Drama Critics Circle Award. Six Degrees of Separation is lead by three characters, Louisa and Flanders  Kittredge and Paul. Paul is a con-man who hustles  his way into the lives of the “Ouisa” and “Flan” Kittredge.  Flan and Ouisa learn throughout the play that Paul has scammed multiple people they know.  Director of Six Degrees of Separation and Visual and Theatre Arts professor Kevin Shell commented that he wants the audience to “understand the piece is about a scientific concept and not to just at the look play for face value.” The whole premise of the play is that there are six people separating a person from another person. As the play progresses, the audience sees how the Kittredges are connected to Paul and vice versa.

Six Degrees of Separation will open on Nov. 2 in the Harriet Fulton Theatre at 8 p.m.. The show will run through Nov. 3, Nov. 4 and close on Nov. 5. On Sunday, Nov. 5 there will be an additional matinee at 3 p.m..  Tickets are $5 for students and $15 for adults. For any questions about tickets, please contact the Department of Visual and Theatre arts at 731-881-7400.

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