SGA meeting highlights: April 15, 2016

The Student Government Association held its sixth Senate meeting of the semester on Thursday and they closed down the 64 General Assembly in order to welcome in the 65.


Recent SGA election results allowed Marybeth Kennedy, Josh Diltz and Ryan Leatherbarrow of the Tri Star Party the opportunity to step into the executive council positions for the upcoming school year. These members were able to conduct the second half of tonight’s senate meeting, giving their own executive reports and thanking members of the electorate for their support and the opportunity to lead.


As for the executive reports from the 64th E.C. it was nothing but gratitude and praise. President Wolters expressed love and praise for her council members and everyone who has helped her get where she is today; she welcomes the new members and wishes them the best as she retires her time as president.


Advisor reports resounded the words of encouragement. Because Dr. Toston was unable to attend, Assistance Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, John Abel, spoke on both of their behalves wishing luck to new SGA members and to all students as they approach finals.


The only committee with new information to present was Campus Observations Committee, where their chair person, Joe Nelson, had been hard at work to get changes started before his time ended. The changes range from a new approach to advising in the upcoming semesters, to changes that Sodexo would like to make including new beverage options, possible renovations in the food court and two new managers in the cafeteria. Nelson also shared that after meeting with housing there is information about lower prices for both phases of University Village as well as Browning and Ellington Halls. Cooper Hall’s price will increase as they make the transition to a living learning community, but the hope is to be adding new electric door swipes to all entrances. The work of the campus observations committee is neither small nor unnoticeable and they always serve to hear the needs of students. If you have noticed something on campus that you would like changed, Nelson and his committee urge you to reach out to your SGA members and see how they can help you.


During the New Business section of the meeting a resolution was passed opposing outsourcing. As a reminder, a resolution is just a piece of legislation that says that the voting members concur on the information as it is presented in said legislation. This does not create any new rules or amend the constitution, it is merely a resolve of common terms.


As the new executive council was permitted to take over the meeting, the new senators and committee chairs were also sworn in. This process included a brief statement explaining that several positions were still open and the Senate members should contact Marybeth Kennedy if they are interested in the position. The appointment of committee chairs and positions is as follows:

Chief Justice: Shelly Pate

Academic Affairs Committee Chair: Meredith brown

Campus Observation Committee Chair: Quinn Kelly

Communication Committee Chair: Brigitte Curcio

Procedures Committee Chair: Will Singer

Student Affairs Committee Chair: Derek Anderson

Chief of Staff: Jordan Long

Elections Commissioner: Rachel Washburn


Tonight’s senate adjourned at 9:51 p.m. after reminding members of Big Man on Campus occurring this coming week, Relay for Life happening this week, and the football scrimmage at 10 a.m. this Saturday. The 65th General Assembly welcomes involvement and looks forward to the year ahead.

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