Senior art exhibits give students opportunity to showcase their work

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, the UTM Visual and Theatre Arts department began showcasing two senior thesis exhibits. These exhibits will be on display until Friday, April 8.

The Department of Visual and Theatre Arts at UTM prides itself by giving students and the people of West Tennessee the opportunity to have educational, artistic and cultural experiences.

The art students are required to provide posters and postcards advertising their exhibits. The exhibits themselves must display 10 to 15 pieces of work that show an advanced level of competency in their respective disciplines. Along with the exhibition, seniors are required to have an oral discussion, during which they provide historic references and artistic influences to their work, show knowledge of art vocabulary, explain their personal aesthetic perspective and more.

Teddy Vincent, senior art major whose focus is art studio, will display her body of work titled Inside an Athlete.

Through art, she expressed her emotions and multiple characteristics found in an athlete.

“I’m so happy to finally have my art show. I’ve worked so hard on it and I’m excited to see people’s reactions to my paintings,” Vincent said. “This is the first time anyone has truly seen my work. It’s all very exciting. Not many athletes are art majors, so I had a blast designing these paintings to help people feel what we feel as athletes. I feel as if my art world and basketball word never collide so I used this as a chance to bring them both together.”

“Basketball has taken me on a rollercoaster of emotions so I tried to illustrate those through my artwork. Some of the emotions like fear, confidence, frustration and courage just show how I used this basketball season to help express myself and my feeling through art, and that is why I absolutely love my major.”

Jessica Perry’s works consist of a series of bright portraits of animals, and is entitled It’s a Zoo In Here.

Perry and Vincent currently have their senior exhibits on display in the Fine Arts Building art gallery, which is open each day from 1-5 p.m.


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