Record attendance at BCM’s Survival program

Record attendance at BCM’s Survival program

A record-breaking attendance of 101 freshmen at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry’s (BCM) “Survival 2017″ sets high expectations for freshmen involvement on campus this year.

Survival is a four-day event held by the BCM that helps freshmen and transfer students adjust to college and allows them to interact with other Christians before the fall semester begins.

Survival teaches these students how to survive the classroom, dating and roommates while having a faith-based outlook. Mo Owens, the BCM Campus Minister, believes that Survival is advantageous for students who participate and encourages upcoming freshmen to be involved in the BCM’s ministry.

“We feel like through the sessions that we cover, it gives the students the opportunity to see college life through the eyes of students but the caveat is with a faith focus,” Owens said.  “That’s a priority that we desire to encourage students to see things with a faith mission.”

In the five years that the BCM has hosted Survival, participation among freshmen has doubled. The first year, only 35 freshmen participated.  However now in its fifth year, 101 freshmen and transfer students are involved. Survival 2016 had the second highest participation with 57 students.

Through social media and involvement in churches, more upcoming freshmen are becoming involved with the ministry and university.

“Survival has helped me learn how to build friendships and base my schooling off of my faith,” said Trista Holmes, a freshman Special Education major.

The students this year partook in many different activities; like bowling or driving to Mayfield, Kentucky, to view the solar eclipse in the totality range. Student leaders led devotionals and shared personal struggles that they have overcome through their faith and participation in the BCM. Owens explained that they focused on preparing the students for what to expect in the classroom.

“Our session this morning was how to survive schoolwork and socially and in a college setting emphasizing on, ‘Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God’ (Colossians 3:23),” said the campus minister.  “We are hoping they recognize that that is a priority in their walk with God and that they will take their school seriously.”

The BCM emphasizes that even though many students may become involved in other groups on campus, they are always welcomed to come back and will be accepted no matter what. With such a large amount of freshmen participation in Survival 2017, the BCM hopes to make an even bigger impact on campus than ever before.



Pacer photo/Sarah Knapp


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