Frankenstein is alive through honors talk

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society hosted their annual Muriel Tomlinson Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, Feb. 7 in Watkins Auditorium.

The society hosted English professor Jeffrey Longacre, who gave a presentation about Frankenstein and the history of the character. Longacre spoke on the history of the author, Mary Shelley, and the gothic novel Frankenstein.

Longacre named the presentation  “It’s Still Alive! – Frankenstein at 200.” Longacre provided a timeline of the novel’s development. He emphasized the novel’s 200th year in print for 2018.

Longacre says everyone can relate to Frankenstein’s experiences of being isolated from others through alienation. At one point or another, everyone has been isolated from a group.

Longacre’s knowledge of the novel and history was vast and showed to the audience. Freshman Communications major from Union City, Audrey Adams said, “The one thing that resonated with me was his passion about it. I’m excited to reread the story and try to pick out some of the elements he showed us.”

The Phi Kappa Phi hosted lectures have had speakers from the departments of nursing, chemistry and physics, agriculture, geosciences, natural resources, etc. Phi Kappa Phi has hosted Muriel Tomlinson Memorial Lectures since 1977.

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