NPHC Welcome Week Forum

NPHC Welcome Week Forum
Chasity Watson discusses discretion when joining the Greek Community. (Amber Sherman)

Chasity Watson discusses discretion when joining the Greek Community. (Amber Sherman)

Tuesday night at 6 p.m. the National Pan-Hellenic Council Inc. opened the floor for even the most unusual questions in room 230 of the University Center.

The Divine Nine answered questions as they joined together for their annual NHPC Forum for incoming freshmen, which started with the common do’s and don’ts of greek life.

“Do not break the strolling line. It’s very disrespectful in the Greek Community,” said Jamese Coleman, a member of Zeta Phi Beta Inc.

Proper procedures should always be followed.

“Listen for the whistle. That’s how you’ll know we’re coming. Do not copy the strolls and hop in line,” said a member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Members discussed the minimum GPA required to join their organizations, which ranged from 2.5 to a 3.0. They also talked about community service being a requirement for membership.

“Make sure you do your research. An organization is more than strolling,” said Chasity Watson, president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

Greeks firmly support class attendance, and frown upon students with low grades without valid reasoning.

“Please don’t skip class to sit on the patio, hangout and watch us stroll, because it’s not worth it. Go to class,” said Kendall Ford, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc.

Also discussed were the many stereotypes about Greek life, such as all Zetas’ being overweight and all AKAs’ being pretty girls.

Lastly, they discussed the required steps in order to join a specific organization.

“Go to the informative. Go to the interest meeting. If you don’t understand the difference between informative and interest meeting, pull a Greek aside and ask,” said Jonathan Nunley, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Graduate Chapter.

Students asked questions, such as “What makes Greek life different?”.

In response to the question, some of the perks were mentioned as carrying yourself differently, enhances responsibilities and being a part of something bigger than yourself.

The Divine Nine also informed the incoming freshmen that any time there’s an event there will be flyers posted in the University Center, on Instagram and Twitter.

The forum closed by preceding outside for a Moment of Silence for Michael Brown, the young teen who was recently killed in Ferguson, Missouri. Members and attendees of the forum also took the trending #DontShoot picture, symbolizing when your hands are up don’t shoot.

Featured Photo: Attendees pose for #DontShoot picture in honor of Michael Brown. (Amber Sherman)

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