New parking spaces installed for commuting students

Among many new features added to and completed on campus over the summer, the resurfacing of the Business and Administration parking lot is one of the changes more immediately noticeable to students.

Located behind the business building, the parking has been renovated to include more then 20 new parking spaces, in order to accommodate the growing need for parking.

For those new to UTM, consult the parking brochure on the Public Safety page of the UTM website for more details about choosing the correct location that corresponds with your parking permit.  Parking is distributed across campus for visitors, faculty and staff and commuters, as well as non-commuters.

Permits are available for purchase at Public Safety in Crisp Hall from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.  To obtain a permit, students must first register online through myUTMartin and pay $70 for the school year.  Students are advised to place their sticker in the proper area on the driver’s side window.

However, students are given a grace period at the start of the semester before officers begin to write tickets for ‘Failure to Register.’

“I warn you that doesn’t mean we aren’t writing tickets the first week,” said Scott Robbins, director of Public Safety. “Officers and ticket writers will be out looking for parking violations such as handicap violations, fire lane, improper designation parking and others.”

After the first week, tickets for failure to register or imporper designation will result in a $20 fine, and illegally parking in a handicap space will result in a charge of $200.  An additional $15 late fee is also applied after 14 days. Outstanding tickets can be paid at Crisp Hall.  After five or more violations in a semester, students may have their car towed.

Make sure to start the semester off right by parking in designated areas around campus, such as behind the business building. For more information on parking space designations, visit

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