Netflix moves toward 50 percent original content for holiday season

With the leaves falling and the temperature changing, Netflix is preparing some changes as well.

November is set to be one of the best months for Netflix based on quality films. The platform is working on making its content composed of at least 50 percent “Netflix Originals.” This includes new series, thrillers, comedy specials and other original content only available through Netflix. By providing exclusive shows and movies, Netflix hopes to increase its number of subscribers.

This isn’t to say that content from other channels is unpopular on Netflix. Two AMC originals, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, have been huge hits on Netflix, being two of the top viewed series on Netflix. Though some series, such as Breaking Bad, have ended, they continue to keep it on as a fan favorite.

However, Netflix originals make up the majority of the most popular shows they host. The first Netflix original was House of Cards, which was released in 2013. Netflix plans to have released a total of 126 originals by the end of 2016.

One such original series that has been the subject of much talk is The Crown. The docudrama, which features the biography of Queen Elizabeth II, is projected to be the most viewed series Netflix has brought to the table.

Though a lot of excitement is in the air with new seasons of its more popular TV series, Netflix has also dedicated effort to bringing in new movies. The company plans to add some recently released films to their list, including The Jungle Book (2016). Netflix is also adding some new children’s films, like Thomas the Train.

Netflix plans to maintain a great variety of films offered for their different publics and audiences.
With all these new additions and hopes for the upcoming year, Netflix hopes to expand its availability to close to 130 countries, including Russia, India, and South Korea. These plans have not yet been finalized, but should be completed by the start of the new year.

Colder weather may not be everyone’s favorite, but with Netflix and hot chocolate, it is not too bad.

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