Men’s basketball falls to the Racers

The UTM men’s basketball team played against Murray State University on Feb. 4 at 6p.m.

The Skyhawks started the game off right, receiving the tip-off and working the defense of Murray State to quickly look for holes. After scoring the first two points, the Skyhawks struggled to defend the quick-footed Racers.

Ball hogging, weak offense and other various shortcomings halted the Skyhawks from out-scoring the Racers before the first timeout. Down by only two, the Skyhawks returned to the game with fire and the support of the many fans that showed up to cheer them on.

By half-time, the score was 35-33 Racers. Fouls were called quickly and loosely, upsetting both the fans of UTM and the Racers. The Skyhawks struggled for rebounds and getting shots to go into the basket.

The UTM team refused to take many plays to the paint, resulting in a point deficit with three minutes left in the game. With screaming fans and the band chanting, the Skyhawks refused to give up and came onto the court with determination to bounce back and win it all.

Point guard, number 2, Delfincko Bogan, struggled to get the ball into his teammates hands. The Skyhawk offense was not on par with the Racers’ defense and ultimately led UTM to an unfortunate defeat.

The final score was UTM with 53 points and the Murray State Racers with 66 points. A Skyhawk bounce back is expected as fans eagerly wait for the next game to show support for their beloved basketball team.

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