Masked shooter killed in German theater attack

While our nation recovers from the tragedy of the Orlando shooting, now labeled as the country’s worst terrorist attack since 9/11, a gunman opened fire on movie goers in a German cinema on Thursday, June 23 in the town of Viernheim.

The masked assailant was armed with a rifle and fired an estimated four rounds before being killed by police.  He also reportedly took hostages and is believed to have been working alone.

German newspaper, the Darmstadter Echo, claimed 20-50 people have been injured. Another, Bild, believes these numbers are the result of tear gas used by police.

Hesse interior minister Peter Beuth, called the gunman “visibly confused” in an address to the state parliament, as reported by Deutsche Presse-Agentur.  Further information has yet to surface as investigation is on-going.

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