Live music venues in Martin

In a college town, one can expect to find a wide variety of musical tastes. Whether it’s rap/hip-hop, country, rock, or blues (to name a few), students bring a lot of interests to the table. While some enjoy just listening to these interests through their headphones or their speakers, there are others who enjoy a more in-depth experience – live music.

Live music can be hard to find in Northwest Tennessee, thanks to its many small, rural towns. A lot of times it seems there is a lack of good venues or even musicians. Fortunately, in a college town, there are a few more options for entertainment venues. Also, along with the students and their variety of musical tastes, there’s a greater number of musicians.

These are just a few of the places in Martin students can go to find live music:

The Soybean Festival

The Soybean Festival is held every September in downtown Martin, Tennessee. This event attracts many musical acts from around the country. There are several small stages set up around the downtown area that feature a wide variety of musical acts for different events throughout the festival. The festival also features a big stage, and holds several big-name acts nightly throughout the week.

Stables Tap Room

Located in downtown Martin, Stables is a great place to go for live music. There is a small stage inside, and a lot of room for anyone feeling like they want to dance. Live acts can be found here most commonly around big city events, like UTM Rodeo Weekend or the Soybean Festival, but students can also find the occasional band on any weekend night.


Also located in downtown Martin, Cadillac’s is notorious for hosting live music events. Whether it’s an open mic night, private show, or a music fest-type event, live music is always going here. Just like Stables, the live music is more common around big city events, but on the right weekend, students can enjoy a good show.


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