Little River Band Concert Friday Night

Little River Band Concert Friday Night

Martin’s Soybean Festival hosted the Little River Band Friday, Sept. 5.

At precisely 9 p.m. Wayne Nelson (bass guitar/lead vocals), Greg Hind (guitar/vocals), Rich Herring (guitar/vocals), Chris Marion (keyboards, vocals) and Ryan Ricks (drums/vocals) entered the stage.

Lawn chairs littered the town square before and after the show while their owners enjoyed the environment.

“I really liked their song Lonesome Loser. It’s one of my favorites,” said Malory Slaughter, a concert attendee.

The Little River Band’s song Lonesome Loser was a crowd favorite Friday night.

“I enjoyed hearing Reminiscing and Lonesome Loser. The new songs are pretty great too,” said Zach Stone, a UTM freshman.

The 80s rock band also played their other top hits like Take It Easy on Me, Happy Anniversary, The Other Guy and Night Owls among other songs.

“I really enjoyed the Night Owls. It was my favorite of the night,” Abby McBride said.

Many spectators fist pumped the air while others danced along to the beat. The man who stood next to me described how the Little River Band came to Martin 30 years ago, yet he wasn’t able to attend the concert because he was grounded. His smile expressed his joy when he walked away at the end of the show holding a guitar pick thrown by guitarist Rich Herring.

The Little River Band left a very pleased crowd after tossing many guitar picks into the mosh pit of people crowded by the stage wall.

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Featured Photo Credit: (Emily Stewart)

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