Heroes in all shapes and sizes

With homecoming right around the corner, it’s no wonder why we at The Pacer, as well as the student body of UTM, are excited for homecoming week.

Homecoming week is the week of ultimate campus unity. It’s filled with all sorts of activities and events hosted by the Students Activities Council, Office of Student Life and Greek Life. Then during the weekend, the annual Quad City takes place, hosting tents from various clubs, organizations, businesses and more. Following the festivities is the homecoming game where current students, alumni and potential students cheer on the Skyhawks.

Every year is a different theme, with previous years including Captain Skyhawk’s 20th birthday celebration. This year’s theme is superheroes, meaning people will most likely rummage their closets for their Batman and Wonder Woman costumes. However, the real heroes are usually the ones we barely notice in our daily lives.

Some of these heroes include firemen, who will help by saving a kitten from a tree to even leaving during many Memorial Day barbecues to help and try to save a house that was almost 17 years of a family’s life.

They also include doctors, nurses and other medical employees who will work 48 hour shifts to make sure that a life isn’t lost that day.

They are soldiers who fight and sacrifice their lives for our rights to freedom, whether it’s the freedom to sit or stand or the freedom to speak our minds as individuals.

They are professors and teachers who open opportunities for students to grow and discover their own path towards a future.

Lastly, heroes are policemen who don’t abuse their status to perform acts of injustice, but who protect their communities with their life to keep the unity and peace.

There are many heroes to think about when this theme comes up. Yes, it’s cool that supernatural beings and geniuses can be superheroes, but it’s time to look into our own lives and appreciate the real heroes around us.

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