Her Campus launches at UTM

Aa new chapter of the International Online Community for College Women, called Her Campus came to UTM Sept. 5, 2017.

Her Campus (HC) serves as a hub for female students to stay in the know about UTM. It also serves as a place to help women stay informed about the world around them. Co-founder and CEO of Her Campus Media LLC, Stephanie Kaplan, hopes UTM students will begin contributing to the Her Campus blog on a regular basis.

“I have been following Her Campus for a long time now, probably since my freshman year, because I love online media,” said Brigitte Curcio, a senior communications major from Stratford, Connecticut, who has been part of the HC world for years. “I have been reading it and this summer I was reached out to by one of the women from HC nationals and they asked me to start a chapter at Martin, and I was so excited to do it!”

According to the official site, Her Campus was founded by three Harvard undergraduates: Windsor Hanger Western, Annie Wang and Stephanie Kaplan. Since its launch in 2009, Her Campus has received numerous awards including: “Marketer of the Year” by Target Marketing and “Top Small Business of the Year” by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

“I think it will help students be able to take a break from reality and just read something fun,” said Curcio, who launched the new university platform. “It will also help them get familiar with UTM and community news that our writers choose to write about, in the six articles we publish next week.”

The blog is made of different categories such as news, a job and internship board, money management, college life, LGBTQ+ and more.

Her Campus Media LLC is written by the world’s top journalists and is made up of over 10,000 contributors. It is known as a starting point for its team of journalists; many of these journalists have been offered jobs with places such as Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post.

The website also contains local content from over 350 campus chapters nationwide and is continuing to grow.

Her Campus offers a variety of opportunities to young women. They offer different programs for women in high school and college such as the High School Ambassador Program and the Her Campus Blogger Network. Women can also sign up for a free newsletter that contains news, entertainment, advice, and inspiration.

“I want it to get big,” Curcio said. “I want it to be familiar to the students on campus and help them enjoy another style of online writing.”

Her Campus UTM can be found at http://www.hercampus.com/utm and students can sign up to get involved with Her Campus UTM by filling out an application at https://goo.gl/forms/iDnSAr6Bh7IYj8Xi1.

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