GOP colleagues back away from Trump comments

Various Republican lawmakers have abandoned support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign following a 2005 videotape showing Trump making lewd comments toward women.

Fellow GOP politicians, including vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan, have said that they do not condone Trump’s inappropriate comments, calling the comments unethical within Republican boundaries of conduct. Many Republican lawmakers have called for Trump to withdraw from the race for the presidency immediately after the tape was released. Trump denies that the comments should be considered sexual assault.

Pence, also governor of Indiana, said that he is willing to remain committed as the vice presidential nominee despite his stated disapproval of Trump’s comments. However, though Ryan said he no longer wishes to defend Trump, he has not withdrawn his endorsement for Trump.

“Ryan hinted that he may think the presidential race is out of reach for Trump, telling lawmakers on a call that he wants to ensure Democrat Hillary Clinton does not get a blank check with Congress,” said CNBC reporter Jacob Pramuk.

“If Trump (or any candidate) committed a major crime, he could still legally run for president,” said MSN reporter Rebecca Harrington. “There’s nothing in the constitution banning alleged felons from running for office. Socialist presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs even received 1 million votes from behind bars in 1920.”

Anyone running for President of the United States, however, must be a role model. This includes displaying proper conduct. If a candidate refuses to be a role model, he or she should withdraw from the race, and his or her colleagues should take stronger stands on what they believe is right or wrong behavior, regardless of party loyalty.

Politicians of both major political parties should do what is best for their constituents within their districts. Then, in the Nov. 8 general election, voters should have the final say.

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