False ‘Friends’ reunion rumor thrilling and upsetting fans

A recent fan-made movie trailer has gone viral and has many “Friends” fans excited about a reunion of all their favorite characters.

Upon further examination of the trailer, however, it appears to be a complete fake. The trailer uses recent TV and movie projects from the show’s cast members to stitch together the teaser.  Some of them include Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and Matthew Perry’s (Chandler) guest spots on Courteney Cox’s (Monica) Cougar Town, and David Schwimmer (Ross) popping up in Matt LeBlanc’s (Joey) Episodes.

The trailer has fooled many viewers and shows how much the 1994-2004 sitcom is widely missed.  The trailer has been viewed more the 50 million times and many viewers are wanting the reunion movie to become a real thing.

Each of the six main cast members has at one point or another ruled the reunion movie out.  Perry says that he isn’t fond of the idea of a movie.  He felt that it would “ruin” the sitcom’s ending and says the writers “left it so beautifully.”

Even though there are no plans for a “Friends” movie, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating what the lives of the cast would look like in 10 years. The false trailer alludes to the idea that it would be about midlife love, loss and nostalgia.  The main points of interest in the trailer are Monica and Chandler getting a divorce, Rachel and Ross restarting their relationship and Phoebe becoming a doctor. The movie has been titled as “The One With The Reunion.”

Even though the trailer is a fake, it is probably the closest fans will get to a full reunion.

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