Editorial: Happy Holidays and may the curve be ever in your favor

Editorial: Happy Holidays and may the curve be ever in your favor

As finals week approaches, we at The Pacer would like to wish everyone good luck during finals week and a happy winter break.

Keep an eye out for several events on campus. We’re now finishing up the last week of classes, and that means only one thing: finals week. During this week, check The Hub online or the UTM Portal site for any updates including dates for events such as the semi-annual Midnight Breakfast in the Skyhawk Dining Hall and the League of Striving Artists’ annual Holiday Art Bazaar held in the Fine Arts Gallery today through Saturday. On that note, eat all of the pancakes, drink all of the coffee and brace yourself for endless nights of studying.

Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors who made it through their four (or more) years to earn that coveted bachelor’s degree. You’ve put in so much dedication and hard work into your college career, so you’ve earned it! Enjoy your time applying for your dream career and succeed in all things that you put your mind to.

Take time during your winter break to spend quality time with family and friends and spread the Christmas cheer.  In the midst all that has happened in this past year, fellowship with loved ones will certainly bring a feeling of warmth and love to the crazy atmosphere.

There are only 28 days left in 2015. This year was the year of equality, social movements, terror and innovation. With these remaining days, it’s a time to reminisce and remember back on what shaped this year. We can always be the light in the world and work to bring humanity closer together. It’s a time to wonder what we can change to make a better and brighter 2016.

To everyone, may the curve be ever in your favor and enjoy your winter break. We’ll see all of you returning students on Jan. 14!

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