Eagles soar over Patriots in Super Bowl LII

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 on Sunday in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The game was a rematch from Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004. Of the players that also played in Super Bowl LII, only Tom Brady played in both. Unlike 2004’s Super Bowl, which saw Brady get his third ring, this encounter had the Eagles come out on top, getting their first Super Bowl win in NFL history.

The Eagles, seen as the underdogs ever since quarterback Carson Wentz went down with an injury during week 14, were carried by backup Nick Foles. The two teams would exchange field goals early on, with Brian Elliot and Stephen Gostkowski obtaining three points for the Eagles and Patriots, respectively. Foles would go on to score a touchdown by making a short pass to Alshon Jeffery on the next drive. The score would be 9-3 after Elliot’s missed extra point.

The Patriots started the second quarter inside of Philadelphia territory, but the opportunity was wasted when Gostkowski missed the field goal after receiving a botched snap. Patriots wide receiver Brandin Cooks went down with an injury after a collision to the head. He did not return to the game. The Patriots attempted a trick play that failed and would lead to an incomplete pass on a fourth down. Eagles running back LeGarrete Blount capitalized on this by charging into the end zone, eventually making the score 15-3. Gostkowski added three points for the Patriots and Foles would throw the game’s only interception, allowing the Patriots to decrease the deficit to 15-12. Towards the end of the half, the Eagles attempted their own trick play, although successful. Foles caught a pass in the end zone to make the game 22-12.

The third quarter saw both teams lead scoring drives to the opposing end zones. 29-26 in favor of Philadelphia was the score coming out of the third. Elliot would extend the Eagles’ lead to 32-26, but Brady led a scoring drive for the Patriots that would give them a 33-32 lead thanks to a catch by Rob Gronkowski. Eagles’ player Zach Ertz would go on to score a controversial touchdown. The play went under review due to the NFL’s questionable catch rule, but the touchdown was ruled good. With a 38-33 lead, the Eagles would put the dagger into the Patriots thanks Brandon Graham stripping the ball from Brady, allowing defensive player Derek Barnett to recover. Elliot made a field goal on the ensuing Eagle’s drive, making the score 41-33. Needing a touchdown and a two-point conversion, Brady threw a Hail Mary pass on the next drive, but to no avail. The Philadelphia Eagles were crowned Super Bowl champions.

Nick Foles was named Super Bowl MVP.

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