‘Drunk Girl’ promotes respect for women

Chris Janson’s song “Drunk Girl” has become a positive message for women who fight to gain respect from men.

The emotional ballad is now number 45 and rising on the Billboard Country Charts.

Janson and his co-writers, Tom Douglas and Scooter Carusoe, wrote the song in May 2017 and released the song as a single in September 2017. It was struggling with recognition on the country charts until recently.

With the allegations against a number of men in the media, citing sexual assault, the song has not been heard of until this January. The allegations of men being accused of sexual harassment has turned the song into a positive light of how women should be treated whether they are drunk or not. There are various songs that describe how a man can have a fun night with a girl, get drunk and take her back to his place to sleep with her.

The chorus of Janson’s song describes how a man takes a woman home to put her to bed and leaves her to rest. The man does not regret how he safely took the stumbling woman to her living quarters.

The powerful chorus has the heart-wrenching line “That’s how she knows the difference between a boy and man.” Every woman would appreciate the respect of a man who did not take advantage of her if she was drunk.

Janson and his co-writers wrote this song from a dad’s perspective for their little girls. All of the men had the same view that this song could touch men’s and women’s lives.

“Drunk Girl” is on Janson’s album “Everybody.” Janson is known for his hit singles “Buy Me A Boat,” “Fix A Drink,” and “Holdin’ Her.”

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